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FNB Art Joburg | 2017

Modern Booth | Margaret Courtney-Clarke

Fair Portfolio

FNB Art Joburg | 2017

08.09.17 – 10.09.17

Johannesburg, South Africa

Margaret Courtney-Clarke
Booth M02

SMAC is pleased to present a special selection of work by Namibian photographer, Margaret Courtney-Clarke. The presentation will include photographs from her prolific career, spanning more than forty years. In addition, photographs from her most recent project that culminated in the Steidl publication: Cry Sadness into the Coming Rain (2017) will be on show. This recent body of work marks a new phase in Courtney-Clarke’s photographic oeuvre.

Margaret Courtney-Clarke was born in Namibia in 1949. After studying art and photography in South Africa, she spent the next four decades working as a photographer across the African continent as well as in Italy and the USA. Courtney-Clarke has produced numerous award-winning books and her work has been exhibited and collected worldwide. Her eight major publications to date include her trilogy on the Art of African Women: Ndebele (1986), African Canvas (1991) and Imazighen (1996). These books were translated into five languages, and enjoyed multiple editions and reprints for 20 years.

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