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FNB Art Joburg | 2018 | Solo Project

Marinella Senatore

Fair Portfolio


Johannesburg, South Africa

06.09.18 - 09.09.18

SMAC is pleased to present a special section of work by Marinella Senatore. Through her participatory art practice, Marinella Sentore questions the bio-politics of different communities through mass coordinated action and group calisthenics, circumventing the traditional roles of artist and audience to create an exciting and contagious new artistic movement. Expanding on the collective resources of the communities engaged in her projects, Senatore constructs experiences based on a didactic model of instruction and participation, offering a platform for collaboration and social mobilisation. Her filmic approach to the relationship between public engagement and art transcends the systematic institutionalisation and commodification of contemporary art, and strives to contribute ethically towards the narrative of a more democratic, shared creativity.

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