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FNB Joburg Art Fair | 2013

Group Presentation

Fair Portfolio


Johannesburg, South Africa

27.09.13 - 29.09.13

SMAC Art Gallery (booth 4) exhibits at the FNB Joburg Art Fair from 27 – 29 September 2013, featuring works by contemporary artists: Jake Aikman, Willem Boshoff, Luiza Cachalia, Barend de Wet, Karlien de Villiers, Peter Eastman, Abrie Fourie, Kate Gottgens, Georgina Gratrix, Johann Louw, Colbert Mashile, Helen A Pritchard, Simon Stone, Ed Young and Sandile Zulu. The gallery is also showing works by acclaimed Swiss artist Uwe Wittwer and Spanish artist, Chechu Álava.

SMAC further presents an installation of South African Neo-Geometrical works featuring Kevin Atkinson, Trevor Coleman, Albert Newall and Hannatjie van der Wat. Historical works by SA masters Erik Laubscher, Peter E Clarke and Nel Erasmus is also on view.

In light of the major exhibition Gutai: Splendid Playground, presented at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York from February to May 2013, SMAC Art Gallery is proud to present Lewensvreugde (c. 1961) by Christo Coetzee. This monumental work is the largest, most impressive and important work by the artist that the gallery is currently aware of. Completed circa 1961, this work represents a high-point in the artist’s oeuvre, combining all the formative influences of Tachisme or Art Informel, Abstract Expressionism, Arte Povera, Spatialism, Performance Art and most importantly the experimental conceptual theories which underpin the philosophy and approach of the Gutai.

The Gutai group explored new art forms combining performance, painting and interactivity, creating an “international common ground” of experimental art. The group was dedicated to breaking boundaries and breaking down artistic conventions. In the exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum and the accompanying publication, the role and influence of Christo Coetzee on the Gutai is recognized. Christo Coetzee was one of the Western artists with the strongest links with the Gutai – numerous photographs, letters and correspondence donated to the Pretoria Art Museum and the University of Johannesburg are evidence of this special and important historical relationship.

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