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VOLTA9 | 2013


Fair Portfolio


Dreispitzhalle, Basel

10.06.13 - 15.06.13

SMAC Art Gallery (Booth C12) presents a solo installation by Ed Young at VOLTA9 in Basel, Switzerland from 10 – 15 June 2013.

Ed Young’s work, at best, appears irreverent, provocative and dicey. Young is not afraid to take risks, and for VOLTA9, he has produced a booth with a conceptual edge, laden with his characteristic unsophisticated wit, political incorrectness and facetiousness. The collection of works include a taxidermied bunny wearing MAC pink lipstick, abrasive one liner text-based pieces, a glitter Black Pussy and mass produced bumper stickers. Young also presents a deprecating self-portrait in the form of toilet paper embossed with his name. Threading through each piece is an awkward sense of humour, which becomes all the more disarming when coupled with a cynical seriousness. Ed Young’s work evokes reactions similar to that of a joke, but one which hits just a little too close to home.

Later this year in October 2013, Young will also attend the AiR. Rote Fabrik – Zurich Residency, facilitated by Pro Helvetia.

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