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Fugitive Lines



Solo Exhibition

10.03.11 - 08.05.11

Pam-Grant lives and works in Johannesburg and draws inspiration from this vibrant and complex city. Despite an authentic interpretation of – and connection to – the social reality of life on the streets of Joburg; Pam-Grant’s personal reflec­tions transcend her present locality in a language that is both universal and timeless.

Originally an actor, writer and director, Pam-Grant has gradually moved into the visual arts with remarkable and surprising effect. Pam-Grant’s work is fresh and uninhibited, shifting effortlessly between artistic disciplines; performance, video, installation, assemblage, collage, painting, print-making, drawing, sculpture and street art. Free from the self-imposed constraints of overly-intel­lectual art practice, Pam-Grant’s work resonates with a wide (particularly young) audience starved of an honest, accessible language in the remote and elitist contemporary art scene.

Fugitive Lines is the culmination of a process. The artist momentarily fuses and assembles threads, fragments and faded memories for the viewer in a body of parallel, seemingly incon­gruent works that are challenging, disquietingly familiar and ultimately – strangely comforting.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with text by Rory Bester.

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