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22.04.23 - 15.05.23



In representations of identity, we must consider past and prior representations of the self in order to depart from or move closer towards them. This point of departure is one marked by convergence, as Donna Haraway attests, ‘Irony.. [is] about the tension of holding incompatible things together because both or all are necessary and true.’ Loud and Clear serves as an investigation into the politics of identity and the questionable sphere of our ever changing world. It explores the liminal space of our state of being in relation to the transformations we go through over time.

In the art canon of the past, paintings did not look back. They were made for the viewer and did not confront us. They did not ask anything other than to be seen. Today, artists have breached that boundary. Paintings now are both the window pane, and the landscape beyond. Today, paintings are made for the artist –  but what we see is not always what we get, because paintings now do not ask for appraisal – instead, we are confronted with the discomfort of their independence.

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